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Due Process – Innocent Til Proven Guilty

California is at it again…

What a ridiculous idea. How exactly do you prove that there was an affirmative answer? This is exactly the opposite of innocent until proven guilty, upon which our whole legal foundation, and freedom by the way, is built. Terrible idea.

You might also need a witness to sign at the time of penetration & also at withdrawal. Your bodies are now considered a parking structure managed by government.

No one is for sexual assault, obviously, but this is nothing more than a fill our prisons with innocent people law. Better fire up Alcatraz again, I think ya’ll are going to need it. Don’t forget to raise taxes even more too, you know, to pay for it.

NFL: The National Political Correctness League

The NFL Has Become A Circus Of Political Correctness

I remember when it used to just be about football… say, last year… but yes sadly aside from scandals, more & more penalties for hitting the precious receivers or quarterbacks a little too hard or in the wrong place is taking its toll on the game. I for one will probably end up watching more & more college football, where it basically still is about the game as it was meant to be. At least until the PC police descend on college too.