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WMT “Rolls Back” Healthcare Benes

Roll it on back!

Don’t say there was no warning…

Here it is… major company (WMT) bailing at providing medical benes to those who work less than 30 hrs/wk…

Per Denninger:

Obama could have pushed hard for an end to the monopoly and price-fixing ways within our medical system in 2009 and actually accomplished something. The legal framework to end that crap already exists. Instead he got on his knees and paid tribute with political fellatio aimed at the entire medical and insurance industry, and you, dear citizen, are being lined up to pay for it.

So lube up America and assume the position, because here it comes again.

I agree. But… again, it’s not totally Dear Leader. For those GOP faithful out there,

    the House could have put a stop to this at any time by de-funding it

. But they didn’t. They placed re-election “not rocking the boat” over principle. And then we wonder why there’s a Tea Party, Libertarian Party, etc…

In any event, the end is 30k less workers with benefits and going onto the state dole to get such, and all that much more fodder to yap for single payer socialism. Starting to realize that both “sides” work for the same master yet?

Who is John Galt?