WMT “Rolls Back” Healthcare Benes

Don’t say there was no warning… Here it is… major company (WMT) bailing at providing medical benes to those who work less than 30 hrs/wk… Per Denninger: Obama could have pushed hard for an end to the monopoly and price-fixing ways within our medical system in 2009 and actually accomplished something. The legal framework to … Read moreWMT “Rolls Back” Healthcare Benes

NFL: The National Political Correctness League

The NFL Has Become A Circus Of Political Correctness I remember when it used to just be about football… say, last year… but yes sadly aside from scandals, more & more penalties for hitting the precious receivers or quarterbacks a little too hard or in the wrong place is taking its toll on the game. … Read moreNFL: The National Political Correctness League

Clean Air Regulations: Thoughts on Practicality

The state of California today passed sweeping new automobile regulations today in an attempt to reduce pollutants & greenhouse gases. ┬áThese regulations include: a requirement that one in seven of the new cars sold in the state in 2025 be an electric or other zero-emission vehicle. a mandate to have 1.4 million electric and hybrid … Read moreClean Air Regulations: Thoughts on Practicality